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CONTACT & Testimonials


My practice is at full capacity currently and I do not have available openings for new clients at this time until further notice.

A waiting list may be available. I sincerely apologize the inconvenience. You can search for an EMDR therapist at




455 Coventry Lane, Suite 105

Crystal Lake, IL 60014



Cell: 779.704.0931

Fax: 815.425.5213

"I lived with the trauma of a lost loved one for over twenty years, and had thought of myself as broken, unable to be fixed. Through Annemarie’s therapy, especially the EMDR treatments, I was able to overcome those feelings of being trapped in that moment of loss, and regain my life."
"I just think Annemarie is a wonderful therapist. I have been to therapy on and off my whole life, and she was the best therapist I ever had!"
"In doing the DMNS it's unbelievable how doing that therapy really healed my inner child and now I am finally moving on. It feels so good to not feel panic all the time & afraid of having panic attacks. I just want to say what a beautiful gift Annemarie has given to me. This therapy can heal so many people who are stuck".
"Annemarie was wonderful! She was a great listener, she supported me always and I felt safe with her. That's important!"
"Annemarie is an understanding therapist who really listened and helped me through my anxiety."
"Annemarie was a tremendous help for me personally. I could not have done it without her help and patience. She helped me make a very positive difference in my life, my marriage and my family life. She made a huge difference in my life!! Thank you!"
"I am grateful to you Annemarie, for the help you've given me over these past few years in my recovery. The tools I've acquired from your lessons will certainly aid me over the rest of my life, and I am forever in your debt for your help in regaining and repairing my life."
"Dr. Annemarie helped me so much. After a lot of hard work I am able to use what I learned during my sessions with her and apply it to my life and relationships. I will be forever grateful to her. She is a truly caring person and a great therapist."
"Annemarie is so patient, kind, and knowledgeable. I have been dealing with the effects of childhood abuse for over 50 years. I had given up any expectations that I could heal and was accepting that I would live the rest of my life with panic attacks, anxiety and depression by managing and coping with the symptoms. Using the Internal Family Systems Model of therapy, Annemarie has helped me to overcome decades worth of trauma. I am so thankful for her, she has restored my hope and that is priceless."
"I am so glad to have met you over the past year and go through this amazing process. I always look forward to coming in because you make it very personable and handle each session so delicately. I am moving forward with solid footing on my path now. Thank you for all you have done!"
"Annemarie is excellent therapist I have Been through 3 different therapists and she was the only one who figured out was going on with me after having severe disassociation and panic attacks all my life. She figured out the best way to help me and EMDR worked for me trying to get through childhood trauma I now no longer have panic attacks. Annmarie is very kind and gentle and takes her time with you and gives you great tools to work with. She is very kind and has exceptional skills. Highly recommend Her!!"
"Would give Annemarie 10 stars if I could, she got me through some difficult times. The EMDR technique was effective at dealing with some past trauma and then she guided me through another technique to help with other issues. She always let me work at my own pace and sensed when I needed to back off on certain topics until I was ready to deal with them. Very intuitive and caring, I can say without a doubt that I am a better person today because of her help!!!"
"I am writing about my experience with Annemarie Husser who is a certified EMDR Therapist. I was referred to her for EMDR therapy. She is a very caring person and very passionate about what she does. EMDR pulled me forward and out of my trauma of a terrible divorce and having my life turned upside down after 28 years. It has helped me tremendously to move forward with my life and not look back or live in the past. I highly recommend this type of therapy for anyone who is having a hard time moving on or copoinig with a trauma. I would highly recommend Annemarie if you are considering this therapy. It is so worth it!"
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